Monday, January 17, 2011


So there's now a Facebook page for VERSeFest Ottawa! This is a new project that looks like it's going to be very cool - a coalition of reading series, slams and spoken word series which will be running a poetry festival in March.

Organizations involved include Tree Reading Series, Capital Slam, The Muses Reading Series, Plan 99, Dusty Owl Reading Series, Factory Reading Series, AB Series, ARC, Sasquatch Reading Series, Urban Legends, blUe MOndays, In/Words, Oneness Poetry Collective & Voices of Venus - the sheer diversity of the groups involved means I'm looking forward to what they can pull together. From what I've heard, each group will be curating an event, and there may be other events going on too - things are still being developed.

March 8-13 at Arts Court. Keep an eye out!

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