Literary Landscapes

Interviewing Pearl Pirie (photo thanks to Pearl)
Where I've been able to save the audio, these are some episodes I've hosted of Literary Landscapes (Thursdays at 6:30-7:00 on CKCU, 93.1 FM.) The other hosts of the show are Neil Wilson, David O'Meara, and Christine McNair (who also maintains an archive of her shows on her blog.)

My Next Show: April 12

There was a long break in guests and in successful recordings in my installments of LL over the summer and fall, which I'm hoping to rectify in 2012! I started by kicking off Literary Landscapes' year with a chat with the velvet-voiced and inspiring poet Brandon Wint. Let's see if I can keep up with the high bar that show set!

To Listen:

March 15, 2012: Rusty Priske: Trapeze Artist
Talking with the Capital Slam Slam Master, former member of The Recipe, and VERSe Ottawa board member, about poetry, honesty, and his first book, Rusty Priske: Trapeze Artist.

January 5, 2012: Brandon Wint (audio coming soon)
What started as a chat about Brandon's upcoming show with the Dusty Owl turned into a conversation about being a living, professional artist, the creative life, and the marriage of ambition and big dreams. A great way to start the year.

April 14, 2011: Meghan Adams
I chat with Meghan Adams, the winner of this year's CBC Literary Award for Short Story, about her story 'Snapshots From My Father's Euthanasia Road Trip, or, Esau.'

March 17, 2011: VERSeFest ReCap
VERSeFest promotion/media coordinator Jessica Ruano and In/Words' Dave Currie came to the studio to chat about VERSeFest and what the new poetry festival has done for the community. Possibly contains the most laughter of any previous edition of Literary Landscape. Must have Dave back.

February 17: 2011: Poetry, Performance, and Pesbo
I chat with poet and poetry blogger Pearl Pirie about performance (wow, that's a lot of 'p's!)

January 8, 2011: these are not movies
I was joined by Adam Thomlison and Sean Zio to talk about the new indie-press collection edited by Adam, these are not movies, and the joy of reading and writing screenplays that will never be filmed.

November, 2010: Short stories
This show took place in the middle of CKCU's annual funding drive, so I brought in some storytellers from the local community - Jennifer Cayley, Kim Kilpatrick, and Ruthanne Edward - to tell short 5-minute stories and talk about the upcoming Storytelling Festival. (The first part of the show was cut off because with all the chaos, I forgot to press 'record.' Sorry, Jennifer!)

Peter Atkins and Sean Moreland on horror writing
The Rolling Darkness Revue came to Canada for the first time in October of 2010: Peter joined Sean and I by phone to have a conversation about darkness. The first bit of the conversation was cut off, sorry: technical difficulties. By which I mean I didn't remember to hit the record button.