January 6 2012

Whee! The new VERSeFest site just went up, and it's fucking gorgeous. Sorry, I had to say it. There is so much I love about this site: the nifty newspapery design, the boldness of it, the lovely logo by Eric Schallenberg (that "E" slays me, and I can't wait for the T-shirts) and not least the lineup. The look does justice to the caliber of the people coming, and I love that. No one who gets excited about poetry, I think, could fail to get excited about this site.

Before the Festival can really get rolling, though, we've got the Poetry for the End of the World party, and the Women's Slam Championship, and I'm busting my butt to get coverage for both. I'll be talking on Monday Night Scribes with John Akpata (CHUO fm) around 10:20 Monday night about Poetry for the End of the World, and Rogers Daytime did an interview with David O'Meara, Rod Pederson and Kevin Matthews a couple of days ago, which I was pretty pleased about. . .  Onward!

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